All-Inclusive Fully Automated Vacation [Beta]

At Hotel Remissio, we believe vacation should be a time for ultimate relaxation. That’s why we offer a complete resort experience with Electrophysiological Monitoring & Interpolation (EMI) to cater to – and anticipate – your every need. Enjoy our white-sand beaches, rejuvenating spa and private pools in total comfort.

Hungry? Thirsty? Bored? Itchy? Using advanced brainwave analysis techniques, EMI will direct her network of hospitality devices to attend to you before you even say a word.

All-Inclusive Fully Automated Vacation [Beta] is a 12-page full colour comic co-created with Gillian Blekkenhorst of Friendship Edition.

Available as a digital comic on Gumroad. Available in print at The Beguiling and Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop in Toronto.

Cover for Fully Automated Vacation showing hotel brochure with blood splattersPage 2 of Fully Automated VacationPage 8 of Fully Automated Vacation